Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you rebranding now?

We have rebranded in honor of the milestone 70th anniversary of the organization’s ONE Magazine, the first widely distributed LGBTQ+ magazine in the U.S. Additionally, the rebrand has launched ahead of the kick off of our inaugural month-long Circa Queer Histories Festival, the first queer histories festival in the U.S., which will take place across Los Angeles during LGBTQ+ History Month in October 2023. We want to celebrate our historic past while also looking toward our exciting future.

Why did you choose “One Institute” as the new name of the organization?

ONE Inc., the organization that published ONE Magazine, was founded in 1952. Four years later, ONE, Inc. established One Institute as the educational arm of the organization. Back then, One Institute conducted seminars, published a journal, and eventually issued graduate degrees in “Homophile Studies,” demonstrating that queer and trans lives and communities were worthy of serious scholarly work. Today, we’ve gone back to our roots to reclaim “One Institute” as our nonprofit organization’s name with the tagline “Queer and Trans History in Action,” reflecting our present-day goals of education, advocacy, and cultural enrichment.

How does the rebrand affect your relationship with ONE Archives at the USC Libraries?

Our relationship with ONE Archives at the USC Libraries remains unchanged. One Institute and ONE Archives at the USC Libraries continue to exist as two separate organizations. As before, we will continue to promote the materials in that collection through One Institute programs and initiatives.

To learn more about ONE Archives at the USC Libraries, visit

So what exactly has changed?

Not much. We have a new name and a different look, but the vision of the organization remains the same. We will continue to envision a world motivated by social movements of the past to take action toward queer and trans liberation.

How does this rebrand impact your mission?

As before, One Institute will continue to elevate queer and trans histories and embrace emerging stories through collaborative education, arts, and cultural programs.

Why did you choose the new logo and visual identity?

The new design evolves the organization to represent who we are more accurately and to connect younger generations with the organization’s heritage. The new logo honors our 70+ year roots by using the font of the original ONE Magazine logo, which also represents the boldness and advocacy of that design. The underlining in the logo transforms our name into a definitive statement. Our rebranding incorporates more vibrancy and color — to more authentically represent the energy and optimism of the LGBTQ+ community.

How can I connect with you online?

One Institute’s website URL is Our social media handle is @oneinstitutela. Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, Threads, and YouTube!