LGBTQ History: OUT Curriculum Cohort

From June 11- June 5, 2018, One Institute co-hosted the LGBTQ History: OUT Curriculum Cohort, our second teacher training symposium for Los Angeles high school teachers.

In partnership with UCLA’s Center X and the Los Angeles LGBT Center, the weeklong program provides twelve teachers the opportunity to explore LGBTQ history through readings, presentations by historians, and a hands-on exploration of the collections at ONE Archives at the USC Libraries.

“My experience can be encapsulated in the following words: inspired, enlightened, and empowered,” shared Elana Goldbaum, one of the training participants. “I’m almost overwhelmed at the materials that I have to choose from; when I think about my previous experience as an educator that there were only a few opportunities to include LGBT history, but now I know there are countless possibilities.”

Studies have shown that LGBTQ students experience safer and more positive school environments when they are taught positive representations of LGBTQ people, history and events in school curriculum. Students hear homophobic and transphobic remarks less frequently, they feel safer, and they report less severe harassment.

As we celebrate the success of this week and plan our next symposium, we ask for your help to sustain our critical program by making a donation to One Institute.

Together, let’s create more inclusive history courses and classrooms.


Images: (left) Participants of LGBTQ History: OUT Curriculum Cohort view the One Institute’s History of the LGBTQ Civil Rights Movement panels at ONE Archives at the USC Libraries. (right) California State University, Fullerton professor Craig Loftin presents on the successes and backlash to the LGBTQ rights movement. Photos courtesy of Erik Adamian. 

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