Chiedu Egbuniwe (he/him)Board Chair

    Chiedu Egbuniwe has worked to amplify and empower diverse voices in non-profit and corporate sectors for over 20 years.  He has developed strategies for hiring, training, and supporting diverse staff, and has created programs which foster a safe and equitable environment for all employees and constituents.  His areas of expertise include software and applications development and training, cybersecurity and artificial intelligence, nonprofit administration and board governance, and marketing and outreach, especially to women and marginalized communities.

    Chiedu Egbuniwe was born in Massachusetts and raised in West Virginia and Georgia.  After graduating from Johns Hopkins University, Chiedu’s passion for the arts led him to write, produce and direct award-winning LGBTQ short films which screened around the world, as well serve on the boards of nonprofit arts and outreach organizations: Outfest, the Los Angeles LGBTQ Film Festival, The Industry LA, and the One Institute.  He worked hands-on with staff on events, and collaborated with board members on budgets, board recruitment and organizational solutions.  On  the Executive Committee of Outfest, Chiedu served as a mentor for the inaugural Outset program with celebrated filmmakers such as Nisha Ganatra, shepherding teams of at-risk youth through the entire process of producing a short film.  At The Industry LA, he helped publicize productions of new operas by famed artistic director Yuval Sharon, including Galileo and War of the Worlds at Walt Disney Hall.  At One Institute, Chiedu was proud to work as Executive Producer for a virtual reading of Larry Kramer’s seminal play, The Normal Heart, starring Sterling K. Brown and directed by Paris Barclay.

    In the corporate sector, Chiedu managed legal IT teams for international law firms, helping to develop strategies for desktop and mobile technologies, artificial intelligence and cyber monitoring and security.  He has extensive experience in software training, focusing on presentation and design applications, supporting legal and financial institutions such as Milbank LLP, Orrick, Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan.  Chiedu also has decades of marketing and CX expertise, helming ad campaigns for marketing firms and internet start ups.

    Chiedu is dedicated to the values of Diversity Equity and Inclusion, working closely with facilitators to develop workshops and programs to train staff in nonprofit and corporate sectors, as well as nonprofit boards.  He has worked with community organizations around women’s reproductive rights, LGBTQ rights, and anti-racism efforts.

    Chiedu is excited to leverage these varied experience as he collaborates with members of the Board and staff at the One Institute.

    “These are challenging times for the LGBTQ community with threats to trans youth and  women’s reproductive rights.  The rich, diverse history of the LGBTQ community is an inspiration to social justice activists, as well as a roadmap to victory over our current  obstacles.  We must tell all of our stories, particularly stories that have been silenced or discounted – women’s voices, trans voices and BIPOC voices.  This is how we protect our history from erasure.”

    Chiedu has published articles on queerness and opera for The Advocate. He graduated from Johns Hopkins University and currently lives in West Hollywood with a large collection of classical music LPs.

    Chiedu can be contacted by email at