Grace Zhang (any/all pronouns)Getty Marrow Exhibition & Programming Intern

Grace Zhang (any/all) is the Exhibition and Programming Intern through the Getty Marrow Undergraduate Internship Program.

Grace is a senior at the University of Southern California, studying American Studies and Ethnicity and User Experience with a dual master’s in Legal Studies.

Prior to joining One Institute, Grace served as a student Co-Director for the USC Prison Education Project and Readers’ Circle, where they coordinated programs offering free volunteer-based writing services and educational support to incarcerated writers and people.They are originally from Seattle where they began & continue in Los Angeles a passion for cultivating networks of collective care & solidarity through mutual aid and abolitionist organizing. Their co-written article “No Longer Filed Away: Abolition, Sexual Violence, and Zine-Making Against the University” is featured in the publication “Against Carceral Feminisms, Toward Abolitionist Futures”.

In their free time, they are an amateur tattoo artist who loves dog-watching and going to bookstores with friends.