Wren Andres (any/all pronouns)LACDAC Communications Intern

Wren Andres (any/all pronouns) is the Communications Intern at One Institute through the Los Angeles County Department for Arts and Culture’s (LACDAC) Arts Internship Program.

Wren is recent graduate from Occidental College, with a degree in Theater and Performance Studies and double minor in Studio Art and Critical Theory and Social Justice. Originally from Highland Park Los Angeles, but raised in the suburbs of Chicago, Wren’s interest in protecting queer and trans youth was sparked during their time in high school, organizing safer policies for  trans students in their school district.

Prior to their time with One Institute, Wren has worked as a performer, playwright, arts educator and student organizer. His interest in protecting queer and trans youth and community-based learning lead him to the One Institute where he hopes to elevate queer and trans stories. In his free time, Wren enjoys cooking, writing, and sculpting.