Queer History Hub for Youth

Ever curious about the history of queer liberation? Do you know about the Black Cat Riots?

Workshop 2: Let’s Make a Space for Healing, 4pm PDT, April 22, 2021

Youth Ambassadors Online is a monthly series of virtual student workshops and events that explore LGBTQ history topics through accessible creative projects. These workshops are designed for students in grades 6-12 and are free to register. Sign up today!

This project is an extension of the Youth Ambassadors for Queer History program organized by One Institute.

Please note that participants will need to submit a Permission Slip before attending and given access to each event.

Join us using the hashtag #youthqueerhistory

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Alt text: megaphone with speech bubble icon on the left; on the right is dark purple text that says “youth ambassadors online” on neon yellow green background

Image: icon image made by Vectors Point, PK, Creative Commons CCBY License, Noun Project. Promotional image, One Institute.

Your support of queer youth is vital