May 13, 2020 – Educators’ Webinar – Grade 8: Challenging Gender Expression in the City


Wednesday May 13, 2020
3:15 PM – 4:15 PM PDT

Join us for a webinar on Challenging Gender Expression in the City!

Please note: This webinar is primarily for 8th Grade teachers, but teachers and educators from all grade levels are welcome to join all webinars.

After the Civil War, gender expression was challenged differently in urban vs. rural areas. In this webinar, teachers will be introduced to an 8th grade U.S. history lesson plan that can be taught following the Civil War. The lesson will analyze how people expressed their genders and how society responded at that time. The content presented in this webinar is aligned with the California History-Social Science Framework and Standards. Teachers will walk away with an activity and a quick lesson that they can use in their online classrooms after the webinar.

Those who complete this webinar may be eligible for PD Hours in LAUSD. For more information, contact Erik Adamian at

About the presenter

Oliver Miska is an 8th grade U.S. History and ELA teacher in Seattle, Washington. As a queer person, Oliver believes in the powerful impact LGBTQ-inclusive curriculum can have on all students. He likes to remind his students of James Baldwin’s words:  “American history is longer, larger, more various, more beautiful, and more terrible than anything anyone has ever said about it.”


About the facilitators

Erik Adamian is the Associate Director of Education at the One Institute. In collaboration with educational organizations and teachers, Erik develops LGBTQ history programing and resources for K-12 students and teachers, such as Professional Learning Symposia for educators and a Youth Ambassadors for Queer History Program. He has presented at the NCSS and CCSS Annual Conferences, and Teaching History Conference. He graduated from UCLA with a BA in English and Civic Engagement.

Dr. Rob Darrow is a lifelong Californian who works as an educational consultant in LGBTQ history, safe and inclusive schools, curriculum development, college and career planning, and digital learning. He has worked as an online school principal, adjunct professor, school librarian, and teacher in K-12 schools. His research interests include safe and inclusive environments for LGBT youth, LGBT history, blended and online learning, professional learning, creating a social presence in online courses, and school libraries.

Image credit: Ralph W. Judd Collection on Cross-Dressing in the Performing Arts, Box 1:17, ONE Archives at the USC Libraries. 

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