Youth Ambassadors for Queer History Exhibition

What happens to stories and truths left out of history? How do we elevate these stories and uplift those voices?

you are here is a youth-led online exhibition that explores queer art, journalism, identities, and liberation from the archives and present conversations. By remixing and challenging dominant themes, youth artists exhibited here uncover new meanings from LGBTQ history. They have taken bold and playful directions of their own in making collages, zines, booklets, newsletters, and more. Each object tells a story of growth and consciousness formation vis a vis history, and illuminates feelings of being in the present and sense of community.

Envisioned as “a cozy reading lounge,” you are here is a space for sharing reflections and inspirations. The artists have curated book and music recommendations, in addition to displaying their original art objects. We invite you into this space to ground your understanding of queer history and culture in the present moment, right here and now.

Artists exhibited include: Connor Cook, Sophie Short, Avery Straw, Stefanie Tyo, and Finn Walker. All are participants of the Youth Ambassadors for Queer History program at the One Institute.

This exhibition is curated by Youth Ambassadors for Queer History 2019-20 cohort and organized by One Institute.

Join us using the hashtag #youarehere

Your support of queer youth is vital

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